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Superfood of the Month: Watermelon

slices and wedges of watermelon on outdoor table

Jul. 1 2024

From quenching your thirst to protecting your heart, watermelon offers a wide array of benefits that can enhance your overall well-being. Add cubes to salads, blend into smoothies or enjoy a refreshing slice on its own. 

Health Benefits

Hydration Hero: With 92% water content, watermelon is nature’s ultimate thirst quencher. 

Heart-health Guardian: Lycopene in watermelon reduces cholesterol levels and lowers blood pressure. 

Immune System Booster: A single serving of watermelon delivers a significant dose of vitamin C, enhancing your body’s ability to fight off infections and illnesses. 

Digestive Dynamo: Watermelon’s natural fiber content aids in digestion. 

Muscle Recovery Miracle: Citrulline, an amino acid found in watermelon, may help reduce muscle soreness and accelerate recovery after exercise. 

Skin Health Enhancer: Vitamins A and C in watermelon promote collagen production and protect against environmental stressors. 

Inflammation Fighter: Watermelon’s lycopene and vitamin C help soothe inflammation and alleviate symptoms of chronic conditions. 

Vision Vitality Protector: The beta-carotene and vitamin A in watermelon reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration. 

Weight Management Ally: Low in calories and high in water content, watermelon can support weight management goals by keeping you feeling full without adding calories. 

Marinated Flank Steak with Watermelon Salsa 
Flank steak with watermelon salsa


  • 8 oz flank steak 
  • 8 oz watermelon 
  • 2 T lime juice 
  • 2 tsp ginger puree 
  • 2 T canola oil 
  • Salsa 
  • Watermelon, diced 
  • Cucumber, diced 
  • Onion, diced 
  • Jalapeño, diced 
  • Basil, fresh, diced 
  • 1 tsp lime juice 
  • 1 tsp brown sugar 
  • Salt to taste 


  1. Cut rind off watermelon. 
  2. Add watermelon to blender, along with lime juice, ginger puree and canola oil. 
  3. Blend until smooth. 
  4. Add flank steak to bowl and add watermelon marinade. Marinate for 12 hours. 
  5. In a separate large bowl, combine salsa ingredients and toss to combine. Refrigerate until serving and drain if necessary. 
  6. Remove flank steak from marinade, season with salt and pepper and grill on both sides until internal temperature reaches 140ºF or preferred temperature. 
  7. Slice and top with salsa. 


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