Archive | January 9, 2014

Can The Cold Cause A Cold?

Can The Cold Cause a Cold? That’s the question WLTX asked LMC Urgent Care physician Dr. Langston Powell during this week’s cold snap. Hear his answer in the link below.

Dr. Powell says there are several scientific reasons that make it much easier to contract a virus when the weather is cold.

First, the mucus in our body that normally protects us from viruses does not work as well when there is low humidity. Humidity levels are often lower in cold temperatures.

Second, the common cold virus has a protein coat. The coat is harder in a cold environment than in warm weather – making it more difficult for our immune system to penetrate the protein coat and fight the virus.

Third, cortizol levels go up when we’re under stress. Cold weather is considered a stressor. Stress results in our immune system not working as well.

Lastly, our blood vessels constrict – making it harder to battle a virus.

To help prevent colds, Dr. Powell recommended dressing warmly, drinking hot liquids such as tea and taking vitamins.