LMC’s Own Strong Man

by Sarah McClanahan

Stephen McDonald, a personal trainer at Health Directions, the health and wellness facility of Lexington Medical Center, completed a strong man competition this summer where he pulled a 44,000-pound bus! McDonald pulled the bus 80 feet in 30 seconds.

In addition to the bus pull, the competition, which took place near Charlotte, NC in the Lake Norman area, included a variety of events such as the atlas stone, dead lift and overhead press melody. There are 30 different strong man events and participants have to be prepared for any event combination.

“To participate in a strong man competition, you really have to be well-rounded physically. You have to hit all the training regimes,” says McDonald.

This was his first strong man competition, but it won’t be his last. When asked if he plans to participate in future competitions, McDonald replies, “I will keep doing this as long as my body holds up.” His next competition is Labor Day weekend in Columbia.

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  1. Yeah, Stephen!!! You make us very proud! See you Labor Day!


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