LMC Nurses Receive Thank You from U.S. Air Force

The nurses stand with the Thank You gifts from the Air Force

A group of Lexington Medical Center pre-op nurses has received a special thank you from the United States Air Force.

In February, about 20 pre-op nurses put together care packages for members of a U.S. Air Force squadron stationed in Iraq. The packages went to 1st Lieutenant Michael Dragoon, the son of Lexington Medical Center pre-op nurse Rusty Dragoon, RN. Lieutenant Dragoon has been serving in Iraq since January and distributed the care packages to his unit. Each package had Valentines and a “movie night” theme containing items ranging from DVDs to popcorn.

Rusty Dragoon said the project got started when her son told her some airmen were not getting mail. “They were lonely for someone to write to them or let them know they were thinking of them,” she said. “Michael asked if there was something we could do to help.”

The service members were so impressed with the packages, they sent the nurses an American flag that flew over their base in Iraq, a group picture of the squadron, a certificate, and letter from the unit’s major. Rusty Dragoon surprised the nurses with the items on Monday morning.

And the best part was that Lt. Michael Dragoon called the nurses from Iraq to thank them for their kindness and support. They listened to him on Rusty Dragoon’s speaker phone.

“I’m very touched and proud of my unit for what they did for these service members,” Rusty Dragoon said.

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