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COVID-19 Survivor Nicole Amick

Nicole Amick and friends on golf course

Sep. 10 2021

Batesburg math teacher and volleyball coach Nicole Amick was undergoing fertility treatment so she put off getting vaccinated. Then, she got COVID-19. Feeling very run down, she laid down for a nap but didn't wake up. Her husband Brent found her unresponsive.

She recently shared her story with WIS TV. 

When she reached Lexington Medical Center, she was very sick. Nicole was put on a ventilator and given only a 20% chance of survival. That night, her physician and her husband bowed their heads and prayed for a miracle. 

Seven days later, they got it. Nicole improved and awoke from a coma. 

Now, she was to everyone to avoid the trauma she experienced. She says, "Since this ordeal, I was really happy to learn than Brent is already vaccinated. And I plan to get vaccinated as soon as I can."

Nicole credits the power of prayer and the miracle of medicine for being alive today to share her story. She encourages everyone to get vaccinated. 
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