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Lactation Pod Helps Breastfeeding Moms

Mom at Lexington Medical Center by lactation pod

May. 18 2021

Lexington Medical Center is the first hospital in South Carolina to install two Mamava® lactation pods inside the hospital. The pods provide a private, comfortable, convenient space for mothers to breastfeed their babies or pump breast milk. The pods are for hospital employees and visitors. 

Providing private, dignified accommodations for breastfeeding moms is important. There are thousands of similar lactation pods across the country everywhere from workplaces to airports and shopping malls.

Below, meet Lexington Medical Center nurse Deborah Belton, RN, BSN, PCCN, who uses one of the pods daily. She writes about the experience in her own words.

Portrait of Belton family with their children

My husband David and I have two beautiful girls. Amara is three years old and Ariella is four months old. I work as a clinical coordinator at Lexington Medical Center.

Breastfeeding is important to me. Our bodies are amazing! I’m fortunate to be able to provide the best nutrition possible for my little one knowing that she’s receiving everything she needs.

The lactation pod provides a safe, private and quiet space to pump breast milk without inconveniencing anyone. I use it in the early morning and late afternoon each day that I’m at work.

One of my favorite things about the pod is that the space allows my body to relax. The fan is calming to me and sometimes dimming the lights allows you to slip away for a great pumping session.

I want other nursing moms to know that it’s important to have a clean, private space to be able to provide nutrition for your baby. Although it may be challenging, make time during your day at work to maintain your supply.

Don't ever feel bad about dedicating a moment to provide for your family. We are health care providers. We are women. We are mothers. We are awesome!

The lactation pods have two benches, a fold-down table and power outlets inside. Patients, employees and visitors will find a pod conveniently located on the lower level of the North Tower atrium behind the escalators. The second pod is reserved for Lexington Medical Center employees and located in a private setting.

Nursing mothers can install the Mamava app on their smartphone to help locate a pod near them and also unlock the door to the pod. Inside, the app can also allow users to adjust lighting and turn on a fan. The app ensures pods are secured for intended users only.

“Lexington Medical Center is proud to support nursing mothers and their babies with the Mamava lactation pods, providing moms and babies with a comfortable setting for breastfeeding or pumping breast milk. It’s a welcome addition to support new moms as they balance a return to work and providing for their babies,” said Melissa Taylor, vice president for Patient Care Services at Lexington Medical Center. The lactation pods were funded by donations to the Lexington Medical Center Foundation. 

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