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Obstetrician Delivers Next Generation of Midlands Family

Mother, father, baby and obstetrician

Nov. 4 2020

One Midlands family has a uniquely deep relationship with James W. Stands, MD, of South Carolina OB/GYN Associates. Jenna and Max Hazen and Dr. Stands recently shared the story of their special bond with WIS' Caroline Coleburn. 

The Hazens grew up in the same town, went to the same high school and had been married for before they realized they had both been delivered by Dr. Stands 29 years ago. When they were expecting their second son, they knew they wanted Dr. Stands to once again share in their extended family's joy and deliver their baby. 

Dr. Stands says that in his 40-year career as an OB/GYN physician, this was the first time he'd delivered a mother, father and their baby. 

Being pregnant and having a baby during the COVID-19 can be nerve-wracking. Dr. Stands uses humor and prayer to comfort and reassure his patients during this time. 

He notes that while the birth stories chronicled in families' baby books this year will be unusual due to COVID-19 restrictions, he hopes that each family takes care of their health and enjoys some extra time at home with their newborns.

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