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103 Year Old Woman Receives COVID-19 Vaccine

103-year old woman pushed into church

Mar. 18 2021

Yesterday was a special day for 103 year-old West Columbia resident Inez Smith. After a year of waiting, she happily received the COVID-19 vaccine at Brookland Baptist Church. WIS News' Emily Wakeman shared her story.

Lexington Medical Center and Brookland Baptist Church have partnered to provide the vaccine clinic at the church so to increase vaccine access in the community. 

Rev. Charles Jackson, Jr., executive pastor at the church notes that some parts of the community were initially apprehensive about the vaccine, saying "There was a little hesitancy and I think having the African-American church to participate in this endeavor helps to give our people an added level of confidence."

Lexington Medical Center is currently administering 800+ doses each day at the church, with the ability to increase capacity as we receive additional shipments of vaccine. 

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