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U.S. Army Black Daggers Parachute to Lexington Medical Center

A Black Dagger member parachuting on the Lexington Medical Center main campus, waving the South Carolina flag, as staff and patients watch.

Aug. 4 2020

The United States Army Black Daggers – Special Operations Command Parachute Demonstration Team jumped onto the campus of Lexington Medical Center in West Columbia today. The event was part of the Army’s Salute to Healthcare Workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hundreds of hospital employees and community members were on hand to watch the patriotic display.



The Black Daggers are volunteers from throughout the Army’s special operations community with diverse backgrounds and military specialties. The team performs parachuting demonstrations around the country as part of community outreach and recruiting efforts. They have jumped onto hospital campuses this year to thank medical professionals for their efforts taking care of COVID-19 patients.

The Black Daggers jump from an airplane at an altitude of up to 8,000 feet and free fall for about two minutes at approximately 120 miles per hour. They maneuver their bodies using their hands, arms, legs and shoulders to control their flight and land in a targeted location.

Learn more about the Black Daggers.

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