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Fixing A Broken Heart

Mary Ann Parsons is a retired dean of the USC College of Nursing. The aortic valve in her heart was leaking – leaving her tired, short of breath and without energy. At Lexington Medical Heart and Vascular Center, Dr. Robert Leonardi fixed Ms. Parson’s valve with a mininally-invasive catheter procedure. Today, she feels great. Watch her story below.

Pet Therapy Stress Break

In addition to being affectionally called “Man’s Best Friend,” did you know that dogs are also good for your heart? A study from the American Heart Association found that dog owners tend to have lower blood pressure and lower resting heart rates than people who don’t have a dog. The study found dog owners also tend to be more active, report fewer incidences of depression and experience lower stress levels. What’s more, the study found that children who grow up in a house with a dog are less likely to be obese.

Lexington Medical Center has a robust pet therapy program – with more than a dozen dogs who visit patients at our hospital and skilled nursing facility. These furry friends are a valued part of the hospital’s Volunteer Services program. Each Valentine’s Day, we invite staff and community members to pet a dog and educate them about the health benefits of dog ownership. Participants also receive a free blood pressure screening.

Here’s a look at some of our favorite photos from this year’s edition.

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