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Brain Surgery at Lexington Medical Center

Amelia travelled thousands of miles from the Pacific Northwest right here to West Columbia, South Carolina for Dr. Johnathan Engh of Lexington Brain & Spine Institute to perform brain surgery that would save her quality of life. She shares her story in this video below.


Amelia is 27-years-old and lives in the state of Washington. In 2008, she passed out – and when she woke up, she had a droopy face and a hard time talking. The next day, she learned she had a brain tumor.

Amelia at home in Washington

She was diagnosed with a rare, deep-seated brain tumor called a colloid cyst – a bag of cells that secrete fluid and take up space disrupting the internal plumbing system of the brain. There’s no medicine or radiation to treat it. Neurosurgeons advised Amelia to just monitor it. Unfortunately, the cyst grew over the years.

Amelia started having some vision problems, balance issues, and increased headaches and migraines.

She had to find a neurosurgeon capable of doing a procedure to remove the cyst. Of the people who have brain tumors, less than two percent have a colloid cyst.

She did extensive homework and found Dr. Jonathan Engh – reviewing everything from his scientific journals to recommenadations from patients. Dr. Engh works at Lexington Brain & Spine Institute, a Lexington Medical Center physician practice.

Amelia and Dr. Engh at Lexington Medical Center

Dr. Engh has performed approximately 100 colloid cyst removals – which is a lot considering how rare they are.

On January 31 of this year, Amelia flew from the Northwest to the Southeast part of our country to go under the knife of Dr. Engh. The operation was successful.

Back in Washington, Amelia says she now has energy and clarity of mind – picking life back up and enjoying it more than before.

Once Dr. Engh was able to make his way through the brain to the colloid cyst, he then sucked out the contents of the cyst which decompressed it into a bag. Because Dr. Engh was able to also take out that bag he considers Amelia cured.

For more information on Lexington Brain & Spine Institute, visit LexingtonBrainAndSpine.com.