Archive | September 30, 2010

RUN FASTER! LMC Employees train for Governor’s Cup

Lexington Medical Center is pleased to be the title sponsor of the 2010 Governor’s Cup Road Race, featuring half marathon and 8K races in Columbia on November 13th. Our hospital enjoys events that encourage healthy lifestyles. Several Lexington Medical Center employees are training for the half marathon. We’re following two along the way. Between now and race day, our blog will bring you the stories of their training.

Here is the story of June Duggan, Anasthesia Services Manager at Lexington Medical Center.

Somewhere between mile one and mile two the stiffness is replaced by a familiar rhythm. The blood finally begins to flow and today’s stress is carried away with yesterday’s lactic acid. I began running, “competitively”, at the age of 11. I ran track through middle and high school and continued to run, sporadically, through my twenties. I rediscovered the bicycle and found a way to cover much more distance with virtually the same effort. In my late twenties I added sprint distance triathlons to my cycling centuries and began doing an occasional 5K. I’ve done a couple of small adventure races. The Saludathon was fun and the Marine Corps Mud Run is challenging. My level of fitness varies with the season and my family’s schedule.

Winter is a better time to run and running is less equipment intensive than triathlons and adventure racing. Running, in short, is easy. A descent pair of shoes and a small piece of time is all I need. Running is easy. Making the time to enjoy it can be a challenge.

I currently run 20 miles a week and bike another 15 to 20. I’ll run a local 5k to 10k when my son’s Cross Country schedule is willing. I have signed up for the Marine Corps Mud Run this weekend and am looking forward to getting filthy. I will continue to increase my mileage in preparation for the Governor’s Cup in November. My last long run, one week before the event, will be around 10 to 12 miles. My time for the Palmetto Half was 2:07:??. I had hoped for 1:59:59 and will settle for anything under 2:07:00 for the Governor’s Cup. The point, though, is to move. Pace, time, place mean very little. The rhythm matters.