Archive | April 1, 2009

LMC Nurse’s Bra on Cover of National Magazine

by Sarah McClanahan

The creative talent of a Lexington Medical Center Irmo nurse is making national headlines. A bra designed by Anne Duncan to raise awareness about breast cancer is on this month’s cover of the American Journal of Nursing.

Duncan, an LPN at Lexington Medical Center Irmo Urgent Care, designed a bra for the Artfull Bras Project, a unique collection of bras traveling the state to increase breast cancer awareness. Her bra is made from medical materials and is titled the “Nursing Bra.” The cups are surgical masks, and the straps are oxygen tubing. It also features two nurse dolls named Bar-bra and De-bra. “Everyone has been touched by breast cancer,” says Duncan. “The inspiration came from nursing, and it was a tribute to the millions of nurses who have taken care of patients in their time of need.”

The State newspaper wrote a feature story about the project and interviewed Anne Duncan. View the story here.

Each “artfull bra” will be auctioned in October to raise money for the Best Chance Network, a program that helps uninsured women pay for breast and cervical cancer screenings. The bras are traveling the state until then — they will be on display at Lexington medical Center in October.

At LMC, we recognize the keys of fighting breast cancer are rapid diagnosis, education and support. The Breast Health Program at LMC currently averages 1.4 days from detection to diagnosis on radiology-directed biopsies and 1.8 days from start to finish on surgical biopsy patients. The program promises patients will receive an answer within five days of detection. The Breast Health Program serves as a national benchmark and has been used at hospitals in eight states.