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Shall We Dance? Pink Glove Dancer Update

Five years ago, a group of women danced in Lexington Medical Center’s Pink Glove Dance because they had a tomorrow. They had survived breast cancer. In this blog series, find out where they are today. Today, Irby Schultz.

Irby Schultz, Lexington Medical Center Foundation Volunteer
Irby’s doctor found her breast cancer.

irby“I was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer 14 years ago, and I thank God every day for being a survivor.”

For Irby, relying on her faith and building support systems made a defining difference in how she transitioned from cancer patient to cancer survivor.

irby-schultz026a“After experiencing the support and compassion from all of the participants in the Pink Glove Dance video, I felt more connected to the community and grateful for the support of my fellow survivors. Seeing everyone in pink and wearing pink gloves is something I will always remember.”

She also stresses the importance of annual mammograms and self-breast exams.

Her advice to those starting their fight: “Keep a positive attitude, and remember the power of prayer.”