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Eat Red for Your Heart

by Laura Stepp, MA, RD, LD, CDE at Lexington Medical Center

The American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign brings awareness to the fight against heart disease in women. There a several lifestyle and dietary habits that can contribute to increased risk factors associated heart disease or stroke. On the positive side, there are several lifestyle habits such as daily exercise, drinking water, not smoking, and limiting alcohol that can help to reduce risks associated with heart disease.

Red Foods HeartProbably the most talked about is diet. In the spirit of Go Red for Women, I want to explore the benefits of adding red fruits and vegetables to our meals to “Just Say Know” to heart disease.

Red fruits and vegetables and their cousins blue and purple plants offer several health benefits associated with lowering risk factors of heart disease and stroke. Red foods have heart healthy folate, potassium and fiber. They also are sources of the antioxidants Vitamin C and A, and anthocyanin Lycopene that may help reduce the risk of developing cancers and developing macular degeneration (associated with blindness).

red foodsTry some of these fruits and vegetables today!

•Red Bell Peppers and Hot peppers
•Red/Purple Cabbage
•Red Onion
•Red New Potato

•Blood Orange
•Red/Purple Grapes
•Red Pears

Take the “Chopped” challenge and try combining several of these foods into a single recipe. If you need inspiration, websites such as Cooking Light or the USDA’s MyPlate.gov offer several recipes.

National Women’s Health Week – Healthy Eating

As we recognize National Women’s Health Week, Lexington Medical Center discusses women’s health through the decades.

Watch the video as Clinical Dietitian, Laura Stepp, talks about healthy protein options.

LMC's 'Better Choices' Program Gets National Press

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(Post contributed by Dan Dunlop)

Earlier this week I received a Google Alert for a great article on the HealthLeaders Media website titled “Resolve to Help Employees Lose Weight.” The article, by John Commins, details the steps that Lexington Medical Center is taking through its ‘Better Choices’ healthy food campaign to improve employee health. (See Jennifer’s post from December 15, 2008.)

The timing of this article could not have been better, given that Mark Shelley (director of marketing and advertising at Lexington Medical Center) and I are putting the finishing touches on our presentation for the Fourteen National Forum on Customer Based Marketing Strategies. The conference is being held February 4-6, 2009. Our presentation is on marketing green practices in healthcare and the healthy hospital movement. One of the elements we will be discussing is Lexington Medical Center’s healthy eating program.

If you’d like to check out the article, click on this link. For your convenience I’ve posted images from the campaign below (posters, banners, table tents). If you are interested in more information about hospital nutrition programs, I recommend downloading the “Healthy Food, Healthy Hospitals, Healthy Communities” report by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy. Click here for that download. It’s available from Healthcare Without Harm, a global coalition of 473 organization in more than 50 countries, all working to protect health by reducing pollution in the healthcare sector. You can find them at www.noharm.org. Another resource for information about hospital nutrition programs in North Carolina Prevention Partners. They can be found online at www.ncpreventionpartners.org. You’ll find a lot of useful information on their website. You can go directly to their Healthy Hospitals initiative at www.healthyhospital.org. From there you can download their “Obesity and Cost Fact Sheet.”