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Breast Cancer Survivor Mary Kathryn Burbank

Mary Kathryn Burbank teaching music students

Oct. 22 2021

Early detection of breast cancer is key to survival. In this “Buddy Call” report with WLTX news anchor Darci Strickland, Mary Kathryn Burbank explains how early detection saved her life.

It’s been about  a year since Mary Kathryn Burbank heard the diagnosis that she had breast cancer. At 47 years old it was the first time her name was attached to the diagnosis and unfortunately not her first experience with the disease.

“Sadly, I have a lot of girlfriends who have gone down this road. They say worse than the surgery worse than anything is the waiting in between this test and the other,” said Burbank.

From treatment to diagnosis to surgery to radiation, her doctors have been pleased with her progress. After several three month follow ups with her oncologist, the news is good. Burbank says that her story has proved that early diagnosis is key.

 You might have even seen her in a Lexington Medical Center commercial expressing the importance of early diagnosis. Burbank is a music teacher, and she says she never misses a beat when it comes to talking about the importance of your yearly mammogram.

 “You don’t need a reason to have a routine screening, I had no symptoms or family history, but a 3D mammogram showed that I had cancer. Luckily it was detected so early that I was able to treat it quickly. A routine screening can save your life. It saved mine,” she said. Her message is simple and in tune with health care experts. There’s no reason to wait to get tested.

“When the mammograms are given, get it, schedule now.”

For more information about women’s imaging at Lexington Medical Center, click here.

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