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New Mother Thankful She Had COVID Vaccine

Hollie Harmon interviewed on WIS

Aug. 18 2021

After delivering a healthy baby, Hollie Harmon knows her decision to have the COVID-19 vaccine was the right one. She, along with maternal-fetal medicine specialist Paul C Browne, MD, sat down with WIS TV to discuss pregnancy, fertility and the vaccine. 

Hollie was hesitant about the vaccine when it became available early in her pregnancy. Then, a co-worker became very ill with COVID. She knew that being pregnant increased her risk of becoming very sick from COVID. After talking with her doctor and researching the issue, she decided to get vaccinated. 

Paul C. Browne, MD, with Lexington Maternal Fetal Medicine, says despite a growing body of research demonstrating the safety of the vaccine for pregnant women and their babies, some remain hesitant.

He says, "It's reasonable to be nervous about new technology, but reluctance should be based on scientific evidence, not from social media." Concerns about the vaccine effecting fertility or causing harm to unborn babies are unfounded. There is no evidence to show the vaccine impacts fertility or causes harm to babies. 

Dr. Browne says the vaccine prevents women from getting COVID. That's important because pregnant women who get COVID have a significantly higher risk of pre-term delivery. 

The American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology and the Society of Maternal-Fetal Medicine both recommend pregnant women get vaccinated. 

Hollie said she educated herself and got vaccinated, and is very happy she did. 
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