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Breast Cancer Survivor Joins Clinical Trial to Help Others

Doctor holding cancer research sign

Apr. 6 2021

It's been three years since Melissa Tyler was diagnosed with breast cancer. When she had the opportunity to participate in a clinical trial at Lexington Medical Center, she jumped at the chance. She and Kate Madden, Clinical Research Coordinator, shared her experience in the trial with WLTX. 

When Melissa discovered the lump in her breast just three months after having a mammogram, she immediately went to her doctor. She credits the physicians at Lexington Oncology for her survival. After a double mastectomy, radiation and chemotherapy, Melissa is grateful to be cancer-free and wants to stay that way.

After going through this life-changing experience, she told her team at Lexington Oncology "Anything and everything I can do to help prevent this or help people get through this, I want to do it."

Melissa was chosen to participate in two clinical trials at Lexington Medical Center - one for the effectiveness of a targeted therapy called Ibrance in patients with stage 2 or stage 3 cancer. The other trial involves the use of aspirin in patients who have had cancer. 

As a participant in these clinical trials, Melissa will be followed for 10 years. She hopes to remain cancer-free. 

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