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Breast Cancer Survivor Credits Early Detection

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Dec. 4 2020

A little more than a year ago, Luanne Dyer was awakened in the middle of the night by a sharp pain so severe she sat straight up in bed. Little did she know what that pain would uncover. 

Luanne shares her story with WLTX's Darci Strickland. 

Because her mother had breast cancer in 2001, Luanne had always been diligent about getting annual mammograms. Still, the thought of that sharp pain nagged at her for three weeks before she finally went to the doctor.

That visit led to the discovery of breast cancer in three places. She is thankful that she listened to her body because her breast cancer was caught early, at stage 1. She credits her team of physicians at Lexington Medical Center, her husband and God for getting her through treatment successfully. 

She is grateful for every day she's now able to enjoy in her favorite place - the mountains - with her husband.  

Learn about Mammography Services at Lexington Medical Center. 
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