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A Coronavirus Prayer

Mar. 18 2020

A message from Donna C. Peele, MDiv, BCC, Director of Pastoral Care at Lexington Medical Center

A Christian radio station in Australia has published a prayer for all of us in the midst of the COVID-19 virus. An excerpt is below. The prayer uses verses from the old and new testaments of the Bible. During these days of the additional stress and concern, I hope and pray these words are a service to you.

Watercolor background with the word "Prayer"

Heavenly Father, we come to you right now amongst a cloud of uncertainty, COVID-19 has spread amongst your people, It has scaled mountains, crossed borders, entered countries, and traversed oceans, Male and female, young and old, It has entered homes, schools, governments, hospitals, sporting clubs and more, As a people united, we cry out, do not be far from us God, Come quickly to help us, (Psalm 38:21)

For those who are currently afflicted by this virus, we ask for the miraculous, May lungs be restored to full health, headaches dissolved, body aches disbanded, For anyone battling symptoms, God bring restoration and health, For those who are battling far worse: cancers, tumours, strokes, may you lay your healing hand upon them Jesus, When we cry out to you for help, may your response be “I am Willing” (Matthew 8:3)

Two hands placed in prayer position

We lift up to you the medical professionals across our nation and around the world, May you bless their gifted hands, For GP’s, doctors, surgeons, nurses and specialists, may you give them insight to treat those afflicted effectively, sustain their efforts with an enduring energy, May the spread of this virus not overwhelm our medical facilities,

For the margins of our societies, we ask for protection, Shelter the elderly and vulnerable from this sickness under your wings, may it not cross the threshold of their homes, (Psalm 91:4) For those who have nowhere to lay their head, may you not only protect them but whisper to the hearts of those right now who have the resources to give them shelter, For the single moms, and single dads who can’t spare time off work for their kids, surround them with friends and relatives who are able to care for their children during this time, For those worried about finances during this time, business owners concerned about their livelihood, may you financially provide for them,

For those who have felt a rise in stress, depression and anxiety during this time, Or who have been battling this for some time, We ask for respite and reprieve, May their hearts be troubled no longer (John 14:1) May they be free in their minds like the birds of the sky who have no worries (Matthew 6:26) Fill their minds with everything true, noble, lovely, pure and praiseworthy (Philippians 4:8)

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