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The New Tower: Special Care Nursery

Mar. 28 2019

This post is part of a blog series about the features of our new patient care tower. The 545,000 square foot project is the largest hospital expansion in South Carolina history. The 10-story tower is the new home of the Mother/Baby department, eight operating rooms, six floors for surgical, obstetric, ICU and oncology patients, enhanced dining options, a spacious atrium, educational space and a serenity garden.

Newborn care unit and two seats in a hospital nursery room

Our new patient care tower is home to a 20-bed Special Care Nursery with all private rooms for babies who cannot come home right away. That's a new model of care for Lexington Medical Center.

In many hospitals, babies who need special care are placed in a nursery that might have more than a dozen bassinets. The private rooms allow the babies to stay out of a group setting, minimizing the risk of infection and giving baby and parents a comfortable space to spend time together.

It's what our obstetricians and neonatologists believe is the best way to care for a premature baby.

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