Archive | June 7, 2017

Drugged Driving – A Doctor’s Perspective

Dr. Grant Sullivan is a physician at Lexington Medical Center who takes care of patients in the hospital. He also chairs the hospital’s prescription drug abuse prevention committee.

Dr. Grant Sullivan

In an interview with WIS-TV this month, he talked about how controlled substances can impair a person’s ability to drive as much as alcohol.

He also believes that our society is overmedicating people and hopes we can find solutions to help physicians have a more clear picture of all the prescription medicine a person may be taking from multiple providers in different networks of care. One idea he supports is a prescription monitoring portal.

According to Dr. Grant, when treating chronic pain, patients should first try an anti-inflammatory medication and alternative therapies such as yoga or massage. He says prescription painkillers are not always the answer – and won’t take away 100 percent of a patient’s pain.

Learn more with Dr. Grant in the news report below.