Archive | December, 2015

“Centering” Pregnancy at Lexington Women’s Care

Lexington Women’s Care, a Lexington Medical Center physician practice, offers a “Centering” program for moms-to-be. “Centering” allows expectant moms to be more involved in their care through health assessments, education and support in a group setting.

During two-hour sessions, women undergo regular health assessments with a physician or midwife, including belly checks and heart tones. then, the group discusses topics related to pregnancy and parenting.

Laern more in the WIS-TV news story below, featuring Lexington Women’s Care OB/GYN Valerie Skinner leading a “Centering” class.

Topics at “Centering” sessions include pregnancy, how to prepare for childbirth and motherhood, baby care, breastfeeding, childproofing your house and baby milestones.

For more information about “Centering,” Call Lexington Women’s Care at (803) 936-8100.

Spotlight on Pet Therapy

Pet therapy at Lexington Medical Center has become a popular topic at our hospital this Christmas season. That’s because it’s the subject of our 2015 Christmas commercial.

WIS-TV came by for a visit to meet Butch Younginer and his great dane, “Rumor,” who work together as pet therapy volunteers cheering up patients throughout the hospital. You can see Rumor in action visiting patients in the story below.

Studies have shown that pet therapy can significantly reduce pain, anxiety, depression and fatigue in people with a range of health problems, including those receiving cancer treatment or patients hospitalized with chronic heart failure. Family members, friends and staff feel better, too.

WLTX recently featured an interview with Dick and Fran Clinton, and their dog “Chester,” a poodle who also works as a pet therapy dog at the hospital. Meet Chester and his family in the video below.

You can watch the Christmas commercial on the hospital’s YouTube channel or during your favorite Christmas TV show this holiday season.

Treating Back Pain at Lexington Brain and Spine Institute

Surgery isn’t always necessary when it comes to back pain. At Lexington Brain and Spine Institute, doctors first work to get you better through treatments at home.

If surgery is needed, today’s back surgery is safer, requires less time in the hospital, and features faster recovery time. In this WLTX interview, Dr. Philip Toussaint, Lexington Medical Center neurosurgeon, explains how his practice fixes all types of back problems – caused by everything from trauma to lifting something that’s too heavy.