Archive | February 20, 2015

LMC Hopes to Continue Negotiations with BlueCross BlueShield

Lexington Medical Center was disappointed to learn that BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina sent its members and employers communication on Thursday stating that beginning March 1, 2015 Lexington Medical Center facilities and all of its employed physicians will no longer be considered “in-network” for the BlueCross’ Preferred Blue (PPO) plan.

LMC Aerial
Contrary to statements from BlueCross BlueShield, Lexington Medical Center has been working to negotiate fair and reasonable terms with the insurance provider for months, offering proposals that are in line with previous agreements and that will allow the hospital to continue providing excellent health care to the people of our community.

“Lexington Medical Center hopes to continue negotiating with BlueCross BlueShield before the March 1 deadline,” said Mike Biediger, President & CEO of Lexington Medical Center. “We hope that we can reach a mutually beneficial agreement to care for the patients we serve.”

Lexington Medical Center was surprised that BlueCross BlueShield publicly informed its members that negotiations had ended while the hospital was still in active discussions with them about the contract. In fact, the hospital thought it was very close to reaching an agreement. The substance of BlueCross BlueShield’s letter to members and employers has unnecessarily concerned members of the community, creating undue alarm and confusion. Lexington Medical Center has had a good relationship with BlueCross BlueShield for decades, and the hospital is very hopeful that an agreement can be reached.

Lexington Medical Center’s mission is to provide quality health services that meet the needs of our community, and the hospital is committed to furthering discussions with BlueCross BlueShield to best meet the needs of the patients we serve.