It’s A New Year! Will It Be a New and Improved You?

new yearDonna Quirk, RD, LD, MBA at LMC

Happy New Year! Did you make your New Year’s resolutions? Do they include taking steps to improve your health? If so, I hope it is going well. Or, are you thinking about making positive changes but you just don’t know what to do or how to start?

It’s been shown that the strategies that can lead to successful long-term weight loss include:
– Keeping a food journal to be mindful food choices
– Avoiding carry-out and restaurants at lunch
– Eating more fruits & vegetables
– Eating less sugar, sugary drinks, meat, and cheese
– Being active
– Getting adequate sleep

Often times change is tackled with an “all or nothing” mindset but in reality setting a goal of implementing one small change can add up to big results. Not sure what change to start with? Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you choose a starting point.

• Are you eating 5 servings of fruits & vegetables per day?
– Can you add one per day?
• Are you eating 3 servings of whole grains?
– Can you add one per day?
• Are you drinking soda, sweet tea or other sugary beverages?
– Can you cut this in half?
• Are you eating out more than you are eating in?
– Can you commit to eating in one more time a week?
• When you eat are you hungry?
– Can you wait until you are hungry?
• Has your “screen” time increased?
– Can you add 30 minutes of exercise into your day?
• Does ‘screen” time include snacking?
– Are you hungry? If not, can you avoid snacking?
• Are you eating meals in your car or on the run?
– Can you move meals back to the table?
• Are you sleeping?
– Can you create a bedtime routine to get the sleep you need?

Stick with your goal for at least a month before adding something new. This gives you time to get used to your change and time to contemplate what you can succeed at next.

Before you know it, you will be The New and Improved You!

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