Electronic Health Records

Happy New Year! Throughout 2012, Lexington Medical Center will continue to implement Electronic Health Records throughout our hospital and physician practices. We believe this transformation will help to enhance and optimize patient care.

Electronic Health Records, known as EHR, move medical documentation into the 21st century by putting patient information at our fingertips with the simple touch of a button.

Health care providers will now access patient charts and securely exchange clinical information using computers, instead of paper patient charts. .

Doctors will be able to order and manage lab work electronically, reducing the time patients wait for tests and results. Results are added to the patient’s electronic chart allowing the clinicians and physicians greater opportunity to trend patient progress.

Staff can enter actions in the computer for a provider to complete such as reviewing results or signing notes. These processes can allow more time to be spent administering direct patient care.

Referrering doctors will have improved access to the patient record which will help enhance continuity of care.

EHR shows potentially dangerous drug interactions and keeps up-to-date lists of diagnoses, medications and allergies. The system also allows providers to send e-prescriptions to pharmacies so that your medications are ready when you get there.

Importantly, the system will maintain a secure place for health information, as both processes and system controls are in place to ensure access is based on need to know.

Some of Lexington Medical Center’s physician practices are already using EHR. Many more will be added this year. The transformation to EHR is required by federal law as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. We believe this change is good and consistent with Lexington Medical Center’s mission of providing quality health services to our community.

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