Eat for Flavor – September is Fruit & Vegetable Month

By Lexington Medical Center‘s Susan Wilkerson, RD LD

Most fruits and vegetables are naturally low in calories and provide healthy nutrients and dietary fiber. They may also play a role in preventing a variety of chronic diseases.

But what is the best reason to eat fruits and vegetables? Because they TASTE so good! Fruits and vegetables are colorful, sweet, pungent, crispy, soft and/or juicy with flavors that play with our palates. Select fruits and vegetable when they are in season because they offer the best flavor when they are at their ripest. Buy from the farmer’s market or local farmers to ensure that they are at their ripest. If you buy them at the supermarket on sale, check where they are grown- the closer the better.

Melons are in season now. Melons are large, so how do you use them before they are past their prime?

Here’s an idea:

Cut cantaloupe into bite size pieces. Or use a melon ball scoop to make the pieces look nice. Add some fresh blueberries and chopped mint. I like chocolate mint from my garden. Add low fat vanilla yogurt to coat. And you have a fresh side dish, quick after school snack for the kids or a very flavorful breakfast treat.

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