LMC: First in Southeast with New MRI Technology

New MRI at LMC

Lexington Medical Center is one of only approximately eleven hospitals in the United States with a new MRI machine that can produce the most superior imaging possible for patients, allowing doctors to diagnose conditions faster and more effectively.

Our hospital began using the Siemens Magnetom AERA in June. We are the first hospital in South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee to have it.

An MRI, which stands for Magnetic Resonance Imagining, scans using strong fields and radio waves to produce highly detailed pictures of the human body and all of its tissues. The test allows you to see abnormalities such as tumors, problems including bleeding in the brain, diseases of the heart and large blood vessels, joints, the spine, liver, kidneys and spleen, along with sports-related injuries and breast cancer.

Called the “next generation” of MRI, the new Magnetom AERA has a much higher resolution than older equipment. That means it can produce higher quality, crisper, sharper images. It can identify small tumors earlier. For cardiovascular care, the Aera is equipped with two innovative new features: The first, called Twists, uses a small amount of special MRI contrast dye to image the blood vessels and watch as they fill in real-time. The second, called Native, produces high quality images of blood vessels without dye. Additionally, software called Blade allows clear imaging of some structures even if the patient is moving during the exam.

The new machine is larger than older equipment, able to accommodate a large variety of body sizes, shapes and conditions. And, a super-short magnet allows many studies to be completed with the patient’s head outside of the bore, making patients more comfortable and reducing their anxiety.

Importantly, the new MRI completes scans faster, too. That means patients will spend less time waiting for a test and that they will receive their results and diagnosis faster.

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