Welcome to LMC, Dr. Vijay Koli

Dr. Vijay Koli

Lexington Medical Center is pleased to announce that Dr. Vijay Avinash Koli will join the staff of Mid Carolina Internal Medicine, a physician practice that’s part of the hospital network. Dr. Koli begins working at Mid Carolina Internal Medicine on June 1, 2011.

Dr. Koli is board certified in Internal Medicine with an extensive educational background. He received an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from the College of Charleston and an undergraduate degree in Pharmacy from the Medical University of South Carolina. Dr. Koli is a graduate of the Medical University of South Carolina School of Medicine. He has been working as an internist in private practice in West Columbia. Dr. Koli and his family live in Lexington.

Dr. Koli will join Hampton Alford Jr., MD, Edwin Brown, MD, Gwendolyn Galphin, MD and John Lazaro, MD at Mid Carolina Internal Medicine.
Mid Carolina Internal Medicine provides sick, follow up and well visits. Available tests include diabetic testing, Coumadin monitoring, complete blood counts, urinalysis and flu and strep throat testing. The practice can also set up heart monitoring equipment, perform diagnostic cardiac stress tests and initiate breathing treatments for respiratory distress. In addition, clinicians perform in office diagnostic echo cardiovascular tests
The physician practice is located on the Lexington Medical Center campus inside Lexington Medical Park 1, Suite 306, 2728 Sunset Boulevard, West Columbia. The phone number is 803-796-2222.

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5 Responses to “Welcome to LMC, Dr. Vijay Koli”

  1. Having been a long time patient of Dr Koli I’m thrilled that he continues to be associated with LMC. Good luck in your practice and I look forward to seeing you soon.

  2. hope that you are seeing your old medicare peoople. will be calling to set up an appointment to see you soon. hope this move is very good for you! diana porter

  3. Dr. Koli, I sure miss you but am planning to continue seeing you after knee replacement surgery at the end of this month. Need to transfer records and set up a time for my yearly physical—around Oct.
    Martha Chavis

  4. Dr. Koli, glad I finally found you. Are you receiving new/old patients? Hope so. Miss seeing you and need to get an appointment set up soon.

    • Hi! You can contact Dr. Koli at Mid Carolina Internal Medicine at 796-2222 to make an appointment. ~LMC Blog Staff

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