Our First Baby

Virginia Baird and baby Windy Baird. January 6, 1971. Lexington Medical Center.

On January 6, 1971, Virginia Baird of Columbia went into labor with her second child. What started as a routine delivery would end up as a beloved story in our history books.

Virginia’s doctor sent her to the brand new Lexington County Hospital to welcome her new baby and to give birth to the first baby there.

“It was exciting,” Virginia said. “We had been hearing about the hospital coming for years.”

January 6th was opening day at Lexington County Hospital. Virginia arrived there to have her baby just hours after the facility opened its doors for the first time.

“The hospital was so new, we were being waited on hand and foot because there were no other patients but us,” she said.

Three hours later, Virginia and her husband Thomas welcomed a precious baby girl they named Windy.

“After Windy was born, I don’t know if she ever cried in the nursery because the nurses were always right there tending to her and putting bows in her hair,” Virginia said.

As the hospital’s first baby, Windy received numerous gifts including a savings bond, crib, formula, diapers and other supplies. A local company even paid her hospital bill.

Windy and Virginia today.

Lexington County Hospital’s first baby would grow up to make us proud. Windy attended Pelion High School where she was student body president, drum major for the marching band and a volleyball and softball player.

Windy went to Winthrop University in Rock Hill where she studied Music Education. She also earned a master’s degree in Curriculum and Supervision from the University of North Carolina-Charlotte.

At Winthrop, she met John Fullagar, who she married. Today, Windy and John live in Charlotte with their two sons, ages 15 and 14.

Windy works as a middle school band teacher in Charlotte and plays the clarinet professionally. She is also a United States Army veteran, serving with the Army Reserves for fifteen years. She enjoys working out and running.

Virginia is retired from spending her career working for the South Carolina Department of Insurance and Department of Disabilities and Special Needs.

This month, Lexington Medical Center celebrates its 40th anniversary. We opened as a small county hospital on January 6, 1971. Today, we’ve grown into a modern medical complex with state-of-the-art technology and an unsurpassed culture of caring. Each day this month, we’ll share a story from our hospital’s history book.

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4 Responses to “Our First Baby”

  1. Virginia & Windy, I really enjoyed the article. I had totally forgotten about you being the first patient. That is such a sweet and pretty picture. Windy, I know your mother is so proud of your accomplishments. Only one problem….with all the publicity, you will never be able to lie about your age :-). Love you

  2. You both done great,so did Tom

  3. You both done great,so did Tom. glad you shared this article with me.

  4. Yea like that i had one of my kids there and they was awsone with a csection now im have another bebe and forsure i will have it at lexinton hospital and its the best

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