RUN FASTER! LMC Employees train for Governor’s Cup

Lexington Medical Center is pleased to be the title sponsor of the 2010 Governor’s Cup Road Race, featuring half marathon and 8K races in Columbia on November 13th. Our hospital enjoys events that encourage healthy lifestyles. Several Lexington Medical Center employees are training for the half marathon. We’re following two along the way. Between now and race day, our blog will bring you the stories of their training.

Here is the story of June Duggan, Anasthesia Services Manager at Lexington Medical Center and her latest blog post.

I have rested. Then I rested. Then I rested some more. About a week and half ago I bruised my right achilles tendon. I’m calling it a bruise. I began to ice, rest, stretch and massage. At the end of four days the pain was gone, so I tried a short run. At the end of 5 miles it was no longer a good idea to run. It’s too bad I couldn’t get that message at the beginning of the run. It never works that way. I took another five days off. Rest, ice, stretch and massage. Stretch and massage, stretch and massage. Did I say stretch and massage? Oh, and ice! I ran this Saturday. I joined the group for a long run. Not the brightest idea after a “bruise”. I had been pain free for 3 or 4 days and hadn’t run in almost a week. At that point I either had to run or spontaneously combust. Either option would be acceptable. I ran. My achilles tendon was tight, but it no longer hurt. There are times when the area that hurts is not the area that needs to loosen up. A knot in your lower back or gluteus can cause iliotibial band syndrome. A tight quadracep can cause knee pain. I’m always amazed by physical therapists and licensed massage therapists who can pin point the “real problem” in a matter of minutes. Though my heel hurt, it was the upper portion of my calf muscle that had knotted up. I’m grateful it was nothing serious. This morning we met for 4.5 miles and it was a good run. My pace is still not what I would like. My goal is 2:06:59 for the Governor’s Cup Half. Can I get there from here? Not if I take another 9 days off. However, I know if I don’t rest a “bruise” I won’t get there at all.

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