Archive | August 28, 2009

The Great Pumpkin

Congratulations to Tina Finders of Lexington Medical Center’s Nutrition Services Department. Tina and her husband Frank have set a new state record for growing the largest pumpkin ever in the state of South Carolina.

This month, their prized pumpkin weighed in at 1,164 pounds! That’s more than half a ton. This pumpkin breaks the record set by the Finders last year — with a pumpkin that weighed 897 pounds. The pumpkin has been featured in television and print news stories.

The Finders attribute their large jack-o-lanterns to having green thumbs and showing a lot of TLC. Even when temperatures reach a scorching 100 degrees, they worked diligently outside to take care of the pumpkin… which, at times, grew by 20 to 30 pounds per day.

In addition, the Finders also grew a 155 pound watermelon this season.

The pumpkin enthusiast couple met on a Web site called

Congratulations, Tina!