LMC Has New Weapon in Battle with Tumors

LMC Interventional Radiologist Dr. David Knight, the first doctor in South Carolina to perform microwave ablation

Lexington Medical Center is the first hospital in South Carolina to perform Microwave Ablation, a unique new treatment that can destroy a tumor with an outpatient procedure that does not require surgery.

In microwave ablation, a physician inserts a skinny needle into a tumor with a CT scanner guiding the placement. The needle delivers energy that heats up the tumor enough to cause cell death. The treatment can literally vaporize the tumor in 10 minutes or less. The patient can return home cancer-free the same day without scars, chemotherapy, radiation or surgery.

Lexington Medical Center interventional radiologist Dr. David Knight is performing microwave ablation at the hospital’s main campus in West Columbia. He said it is a good treatment for primary liver, lung and kidney cancer. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved microwave ablation in September, 2008. It is largely covered by insurance.

“The advantage to the patient is that it is minimally-invasive and has a short recovery time,” Dr. Knight said.

Microwave ablation is a more advanced form of Radiofrequency ablation (RFA), which has been performed at Lexington Medical Center since 2002. That technology used radiofrequencies instead of microwaves. It was not as powerful as this new procedure. The benefit of Microwave ablation is that it can kill larger tumors and more quickly.

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