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Facial Rejuvenation at Lexington Plastic Surgery

From wrinkles to sagging skin, it’s natural for your face to change over time and lose the tautness it had when you were younger. Genetics, aging, sun exposure, stress and lifestyle all play a role. But there are many options to make things better.

Todd Lefkowitz, MD, FACS, board-certified plastic surgeon with Lexington Plastic Surgery, a Lexington Medical Center physician practice, offers a variety of services for facial rejuvenation.

And it’s not just for women. Men make up an increasing percentage of outpatient plastic surgery business.

“No matter the reason for desiring aesthetic improvement, my only objective is to help guide each of my patients through their journey in achieving their individual goals,” Dr. Lefkowitz said. “That can be accomplished by a range of both surgical and non-surgical office options.”

1. Facelifts. As we age, tissue under the skin drops, causing the jowling and softening of the jawline you notice with facial aging. A facelift restores the tissue to its youthful position. It will sharpen you features and redefine the jawline.
2. Necklifts. With sagging and excess skin or fat from aging, the neck can show signs of aging before the face. A necklift can create a sharper, more sculpted neck that has youthful tautness. The procedure can also remove fatty deposits.
3. Eye Lid Surgery. Excessive upper eyelid skin, bags under the eyes and skin wrinkles near the eyes can make you look older and tired, even when you’re well-rested. An eyelift can help.
4. Facial treatments. These non-surgical enhancements leave your skin feeling naturally refreshed and rejuvenated. They can be performed on their own, or in conjunction with other procedures.

Types of facial treatments:
Botox®: Over time, facial wrinkles and lines form as muscles contract and move. Using small injections in target facial muscles, Botox® safely stops excessive muscle contractions and prevents the creation of forehead lines and crow’s feet

Todd S. Lefkowitz, MD, FACS

Chemical Peels: With repeated exposure to sun, gravity, dirt and more, you may notice more wrinkles, larger pores and changes in pigmentation. A chemical peel can reverse these changes. This procedure involves applying a solution to the skin to remove the topmost layer. It stimulates new, healthy skin production with more even pigmentation and a younger appearance.

Facial Fillers: As we age, gravity weighs down our skin and some areas of the face become more pronounced with folds and wrinkles. Fillers, made from a naturally occurring substance in your body, restore volume naturally lost during the aging process, especially in the area between the cheek and mouth.

Kybella®: Fat under the chin is common and may be resistant to diet and exercise. Kybella® is an injectable treatment that destroys these fat cells and improves the appearance of what’s commonly called a “double chin.” Patients need up to four treatments to achieve the desired result.

“My ultimate goal is to provide my patients an unparalleled experience from start to finish on their journey,” Dr. Lefkowitz said. “Individualizing every treatment plan to each patient’s aesthetic goals carries a significant responsibility, but one which provides me a great deal of satisfaction.”

Dr. Lefkowitz is a dual board-certified plastic surgeon with a staff who spends hours training in every detail of the practice. Their expertise produces excellent outcomes.

Seven Tips When Considering Plastic Surgery

As we usher in a new year, many Americans are considering ways to improve their physical and emotional health. Resolutions to diet, exercise and lose weight may be the most common.

But what if you eat right and work out already, and still can’t lose those love handles? How do you combat the drooping eyelids that make you appear exhausted when you’re alert? What do you do about your bra size?

Todd S. Lefkowitz, MD, FACS

These are some of the issues confronting millions of Americans who consider plastic surgery every year. If any of these issues sound familiar, you might be a good candidate.

Before you decide to have surgery, though, it’s important to be informed. Here are seven facts about plastic surgery all patients should know, according toTodd S. Lefkowitz, MD, FACS, at Lexington Plastic Surgery, a Lexington Medical Center physician practice.

1. Plastic surgery is increasingly popular among men
Although many men are still wary of plastic surgery, they comprise an increasing percentage of outpatient plastic surgery business. Dr. Lefkowitz said male patients tend to choose from a variety of office procedures such as Botox and dermal fillers as well as face and neck lifts, eyelid surgery, and gynecomastia correction.

2. Women often seek treatment after bodily changes brought on by childbirth.
For women who have breast changes, loose skin or belly fat after having children, plastic surgery can correct what regular diet and exercise sometimes can’t.

3. The best plastic surgery candidates generally want to address one or two things.
If you’re unhappy with your entire body, plastic surgery is probably not going to make you happy. Patients who tend to be highly satisfied with their procedures want to fix the one or two things that impact their self-confidence the most.

4. Some people should not have plastic surgery

Dr. Lefkowitz will turn down potential patients if he doesn’t think plastic surgery is the solution to their problems. People who seek surgery to fix their marriage or straighten out their personal life are going to be disappointed when they discover that those issues remain despite a slimmer waist or smoothed-out wrinkles.

5. Do your homework and trust your face and body only to a board-certified plastic surgeon

Any physician can offer cut-rate plastic surgery procedures. Board-certified plastic surgeons have spent many years studying the science and honing their craft. Dr. Lefkowitz is a dual board-certified plastic surgeon.

6. The biggest problem with plastic surgery is bad plastic surgery.

We’ve all seen and heard the horror stories, but they aren’t generally the work of experienced, board-certified plastic surgeons. Do your research before selecting a surgeon. “After a face lift by an experienced surgeon, you shouldn’t look like you’ve been in a wind tunnel,” said Dr. Lefkowitz.

7. The doctor’s staff really, really matters
When asked how important is the staff at a doctor’s office is to the overall patient experience, Dr. Lefkowitz replied, “One hundred eighty thousand percent.  They are a direct reflection on the surgeon. If you have one inkling of doubt about the office staff, turn and run away.” The doctor also added that his staff spends many hours training in every detail of the practice.

The recipe for a great plastic surgery experience is patients with reasonable expectations, surgeons with the proper credentials, and office staffs that treat their customers like royalty. In those situations, plastic surgery can boost self-confidence and improve your overall outlook.

For more information about Lexington Plastic Surgery, visit them online at LexPlasticSurgery.com or call (803) 936-7045.  They can also be found on social media at Facebook.com/LexPlasticSurgery and Instagram.com/LexPlasticSurgery.