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Kids’ Sports and Activities: How Much Is Too Much?

With school starting back, kids will be participating in all sorts of sports and activities that keep them – and their families – busy. But how much is too much? WIS-TV asked Dr. Lauren Matthews, pediatrician at Lexington Pediatric Practice, that question. Here’s what she said.


Interview Highlights:
~Focus on healthy eating and hydration.
~Monitor sleep.
~At the beginning of the school year, have a talk about priorities. School should be a top priority.
~If after school activities are causing them to fall behind in academics, it’s time to take a step back.

Kids and Concussions

Concussions have caused worry in parents of children who are athletes. In this WIS-TV news story, hear from a 15-year-old girl who suffered a bad concussion and listen to what Dr. Lauren Matthews, pediatrician at Lexington Pediatric Practice, wants parents to know about concussion prevention and treatment.


Concussion symptoms can vary. And they can develop over several days. Symptoms include:
-light sensitivity
-feeling like you’re in “a fog”
-poor attention
-difficulty sleeping
-blurry vision

Dry Drowning: Fact v. Fiction

Dry drowning is a topic that makes many parents nervous during summertime swimming. In this WLTX interview, Dr. Lauren Matthews of Lexington Pediatric Practice, a Lexington Medical Center physician practice, separates fact from fiction and tells parents what they need to know.