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Update: Lexington Medical Center’s 14-Pound Newborn

Colin Keisler entered the world at Lexington Medical Center in June weighing just over 14 pounds! He was the largest baby ever born at the hospital in its 46 years. This fall, we checked in with Colin and his family to see how they’re doing — and growing!

His parents and doctor expected a bigger-than-average baby, but no one expected Colin Keisler to top 14 pounds when he was born at Lexington Medical Center.

The Keisler Family at home in Lexington in September

The black-haired, blue-eyed bundle of joy entered the world at Lexington Medical Center on June 23. And on that day, he broke all records at the hospital, becoming the biggest baby ever born there. Colin not only surprised parents Arthur Keisler and Cindy Richmond of Lexington, he shocked everyone on the medical team.

Jaime Brown Price, MD, an OB/GYN with Lexington Women’s Care, a Lexington Medical Center physician practice, delivered Colin by Caesarean section. He topped the scale at 14 lb, .04 oz and measured 24 inches long.

Baby Colin in the nursery at Lexington Medical Center on the day he was born.

“We had planned a repeat C-section because Cindy’s other children were delivered by Caesarean too,” said Dr. Price. “Based on an ultrasound a few weeks before delivery, we knew he would be a big boy, but I expected him to be around 12 pounds, not 14.”

Donna Hinton, RNC, who works in the delivery room at the hospital, was equally surprised. “I’ve been an obstetrics nurse for 29 years, but I’ve never seen a 14-pound baby,” she said.

The largest baby anyone remembers in the hospital’s 46-year history was a 13-pound baby born at the hospital in 1987.

“Less than 2 percent of babies are born weighing 14 pounds at 39 weeks,” said Dr. Brown. “By definition, fetal macrosomia is a baby whose weight is greater than the 90th percentile for his or her gestational age. Colin was basically the 100th percentile.”

Dr. Jaime Brown Price

Cindy had a routine healthy pregnancy, and did not have diabetes, which can lead to increased birth weight. Her first two children (now ages 11 and 5) were average weight — 7.6 lb and 9.8 lb. But she admits her third pregnancy became harder as it progressed.

“The last two or three months of this pregnancy were more difficult,” she said. “I was really uncomfortable and had a lot of sleepless nights.”

Since Colin’s birth, Cindy has enjoyed being at home with her newborn and is adjusting well to her expanded family. “I’m actually doing really good. I feel more rested than before when I was working,” said Cindy. “I’m getting lots of stuff done around the house, and I’m taking my down time when I can.”

Colin is also doing well. At his two-month checkup, he weighed 17.5 pounds and measured 27.5 inches — the 99th percentile for both height and weight. A happy child, Colin smiles, coos and already rolls over on one side.

“Colin is completely healthy and doing great,” said Cindy. “He just started wearing six- to nine-month clothes because the three- to six-month size outfits he’s been wearing were getting snug.”

Once Cindy returns to work, Arthur will take over as a full-time, stay-at-home dad. He looks forward to taking care of his son now that the worldwide excitement of Colin’s birth has settled down.

Baby Colin in September in Lexington

“For the first week after a story ran about Colin’s birth, it was crazy,” he said. “I was getting calls from news outlets in the UK and getting Facebook Messenger notifications from people who wanted to interview us. It was a whirlwind. By the end, we were ready for it to be over.”

Magazines, websites and television programs from around the country featured stories about baby Colin. News of his birth appeared in People, US Weekly, Huffington Post, USA Today, Self and Fit Pregnancy. Good Morning America and ABC News also mentioned Colin’s birth.

But the intense publicity did have an upside. Arthur, a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan, dreams of seeing Colin play football one day. So he felt especially grateful for a package the newborn received from the Carolina Panthers.

“I got a Messenger request from a news person in North Carolina,” he said. “They had posted Colin’s story on their Twitter account. As a result, the Carolina Panthers reached out to ask for our information so they could send a gift to baby Colin. I got in touch with them, and the Panthers sent us a little care package of Panthers gear. They went out of their way to send him a little ‘welcome to the world’ gift, which was really cool.”

But now comes the big dilemma. Will it be the Packers or Panthers for Colin? Fortunately, his family has a few years to decide.

Lexington Medical Center Welcomes 14-Pound Baby Boy

Weighing in at just over 14 pounds, baby Colin Keisler came into the world at Lexington Medical Center on Friday, June 23. He is the biggest baby clinicians recall being born at the hospital since it opened in 1971.

Baby Colin’s parents are Arthur Keisler and Cindy Richmond of Lexington. He is the couple’s third child. Their first baby weighed 7.6 lb and their second weighed 9.8 lb.

“The last two or three months of this pregnancy were more difficult. I was really uncomfortable and had a lot of sleepless nights,” Cindy said.

They thought this baby would be big, but not 14 pounds.

“When he was born, it was an ‘Oh My God!’ moment.”

Arthur Keisler and his wife Cindy Richmond with their son Colin Austin Keisler at Lexington Medical Center

Dr. Jaime Brown Price of Lexington Women’s Care, a Lexington Medical Center physician practice, delivered baby Colin by caesarean section. He was 14 lb .04 oz and 24 inches long.

Dr. Brown Price and nurses in the delivery room marveled at the baby’s size.

“I’ve been an obstetrics nurse for 29 years, but I’ve never seen a 14-pound baby,” said Donna Hinton, RNC.

Soon after Colin’s birth, his parents realized the clothes they had bought him wouldn’t fit. At just four days old, he’s wearing clothes for a six month old.

“We see playing football as a lineman for Clemson and the Green Bay Packers,” said Arthur.

According to statistics, the average weight of a newborn baby is 7.5 pounds. Fourteen pounds is the average weight of a 4- to 5-month-old baby.

The next biggest baby Lexington Medical Center’s Women & Children’s department can recall was a 13-pound baby born at Lexington Medical Center in 1987.

Both Baby Colin and his mom are healthy and doing well.

Lexington Medical Center delivers approximately 3,500 babies each year, the highest number of baby deliveries of any hospital in the Midlands.