Hello. Meet LMC Mobile.

Lexington Medical Center is pleased to launch its Mobile website. Now you can access an excellent view of our hospital website from your smart phone.

LMC Mobile will allow you to search for a doctor, find a baby photo, get directions and call a room with ease, using just one touch of your fingertip. You can also watch physician videos and send a patient an e-card.

That’s important. Statistics show that last year, 73 million people accessed the web with a mobile browser. In addition, our hospital has seen an 8,203% increase (no, that’s not a typo) in the number of people accessing our hospital website from a mobile device.

And it’s all the same quality you expect from www.lexmed.com. Our hospital’s website has received national honors including Best Overall Website, Best Content and Best Design in numerous competitions.

Check out LMC Mobile by visiting www.lexmed.com from your smart phone! The site will automatically recognize you are using a mobile phone. And let us know what you think!

What Men Need to Know about Cancer

Listen to what Lexington Medical Center oncologist Dr. Steve Madden of Lexington Oncology Associates says about what men need to know about cancer and appropriate screening. The video is from an interview he did with news anchor Ben Hoover on WIS-TV.

The interview was part of a men’s cancer screening at WIS on November 3rd. Lexington Medical Center physicians and clinicians volunteered to screen members of our community for prostate, thyroid, neck and skin cancer. The screenings touched on a number of issues. Listen to what Dr. Nicholas Limperos of Southern Surgical Group at Lexington Medical Center told WIS news anchor Dawndy Mercer-Plank about hypothyroidism.

In preparation for the screenings, Deirdre Young, LMC Manager of Cancer Programs, spoke about what these routine screenings can identify and why they’re important.

Lexington Medical Center’s Community Outreach department travels around the Midlands performing thousands of health screenings each year. To schedule one at your business, church or organization, you can call 936-8850.

It is O.K. to Prioritize Your Organic Food Choices?

by Donna Quirk, MBA RD LD
Clinical Nutrition Manager

If you have decided to make more organic food choices, you may have experienced some sticker shock at the grocery store. Organic foods cost up to 50% more than conventional foods. This is a big deterrent for many consumers.

You can fit organic foods into your food budget by first determining what foods your family eats often and prioritizing your organic purchases around those foods. A cut of meat or a type of cheese purchased infrequently is not as high a priority as, say, apples packed for lunch every day. Then –

• Shop sales and look for private or store brand organic choices. Stock up on shelf stable and frozen organic foods when they are on sale.
• Buy local produce that is “in season”
• Pay attention to “use by” dates so food does not go to waste
• Buy in bulk instead of individual portions

Still not sure which organic foods to spent your food dollars on? Choose organic when buying the following produce because of high pesticide residuals –

Peaches Apples
Sweet bell peppers Celery
Nectarines Strawberries
Cherries Pears
Grapes (imported) Spinach
Lettuce Potatoes

And, finally, whether buying organic or conventionally grown produce, always wash your produce thoroughly under running water.

Next week – What are retail stores doing to help consumers identify and promote organic foods?