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Centering Class Welcomes New Babies

Lexington Medical Center is overjoyed to welcome the first group of babies whose moms took part in an innovative program at the hospital called “Centering,” which allows pregnant women to receive prenatal care in a group setting.

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At the beginning of pregnancy, a mother-to-be will have an individual prenatal visit and physical exam. If she chooses to “center” her pregnancy, she’ll join a group of other expectant mothers with similar due dates for monthly Centering sessions instead of traditional office visits. Dads-to-be are welcome, too.

Upon arrival at Lexington Women’s Care, class members go directly to the Centering session where they’re greeted by staff and enjoy refreshments. There’s no waiting in the lobby for the doctor. Each Centering session lasts about two hours and offers women a supportive environment to share physical, emotional and medical pregnancy experiences.

The same physician or midwife serves as the group facilitator at each session. He or she privately performs regular health assessments such as blood pressure, weight, belly checks and heart tones at the beginning of each session. After the assessment, the facilitator leads a group discussion on topics related to pregnancy and parenting, including the physical changes women experience during pregnancy, preparing for labor and delivery, nutrition, family planning, safety, conflict resolution, parenting and newborn care.

Lexington Medical Center recently welcomed its first babies from the Centering program! WIS-TV followed this group throughout the process.

Importantly, Centering has been shown to decrease rates of preterm delivery and offer other advantages, too, including higher rates of breastfeeding and lower rates of postpartum depression.

The term “Centering” comes from the idea that the program offers obstetric care in a group setting that places responsibility on the mom, realizing that she’s the center of her and her baby’s well-being.

Lexington Medical Center Welcomes New Board Members, Elects New Board Officers

The Lexington Medical Center board of directors is pleased to announce its new board officers and welcome four new board members. Richard Westbrook is the new board chair, Tripp Jones, MD is the vice chair, Dan Jones is secretary and Jan Burt is immediate past chair. In addition, the board welcomes J.R. Caughman, Rev. Charles Jackson, Jason Liester and Billy Oswald as members.

Richard Westbrook

Richard Westbrook

Richard Westbrook is senior vice president at South State Bank in Columbia. A Lexington County native, he is a graduate of the University of South Carolina and lives in Lexington with his wife and three children.

“I grew up in this community, and it’s a very special place. Serving in a role that allows me to help the hospital address health care needs throughout our community is a tremendous honor,” Westbrook said. “I look forward to working with the board, administration and medical staff to help ensure that Lexington Medical Center continues to provide outstanding and high-quality medical care to every patient who enters one of our facilities,” Westbrook said.

Tripp Jones, MD, is a retired oncologist. Dan Jones is a retired Vice President of Government and Public Affairs at Time Warner Cable in West Columbia. And Jan Burt is senior vice president of First Citizens Bank.

J.R. Caughman of Gilbert is a project manager at JRM Consulting. Rev. Charles Jackson is the pastor of Brookland Baptist Church in West Columbia. Jason Liester of Swansea is the chief executive officer of Red3i LLC. And Billy Oswald is an attorney with the Oswald Law Firm in West Columbia.

The board of directors meets monthly on the hospital campus in West Columbia.

Lexington Medical Center Board of Directors

Lexington Medical Center Board of Directors

Three Generations Share June 16 Birthday

What are the odds of a father, son and grandson all having the same birthday – June 16? We’re not sure, but it happened at Lexington Medical Center this week.

Sara Rentz Krisnow gave birth to baby Irby Wayne Krisnow on Thursday, June 16. Baby Irby shares the same birthday as his father, Seth Krisnow, and his grandfather, the late Dennis Krisnow.

Seth, Sara and baby Irby Wayne Krisnow, with a photo of Seth's late father, Dennis Krisnow.

Seth, Sara and baby Irby Wayne Krisnow, with a photo of Seth’s late father, Dennis Krisnow.

Dennis was born on June 16, 1957; Seth on June 16, 1983 and Irby on June 16, 2016.

“I was trying to hold out as long as I could so that I could have the baby on June 16,” Sara said.

Talk about a great birthday present – not to mention a great Father’s Day weekend present.

Sara and Seth live in Lexington. They’ve been married for five years and also have a two-year-old daughter named Olivia. (Her birthday is in February)

“Sara is a very giving and nice person, always spoiling me on my birthday, but I’m pretty sure she can’t top this one,” Seth said.


What’s more, Sara just happens to be the granddaughter of George Rentz, Lexington Medical Center’s first President & CEO.

Mr. Rentz began that role in 1968, while the hospital was still in the planning stage and hadn’t been built yet. He served as President & CEO for 22 years.

He and his wife are enjoying retirement in West Columbia.

Baby Irby Wayne is Mr. Rentz’s third great-grandchild.

Lexington Medical Center's first President & CEO George Rentz with his granddaughter Sara and newborn great-grandson Irby Wayne.

Lexington Medical Center’s first President & CEO George Rentz with his granddaughter Sara and newborn great-grandson Irby Wayne.

Happy Birthday and Happy Father’s Day to the whole family.