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Cardiac Rehab Supervisor Earns Fellowship

Mark Stout, program supervisor for Cardiac Rehabilitation at Lexington Medical Center Irmo, has been selected as a Fellow of the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR). The organization recognizes excellence, professional achievement and outstanding service in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation.

To become a Fellow, applicants must meet criteria including submitting a resume with a record of distinguished service in the field of cardiac rehabilitation, peer recommendations and evidence of a high degree of professional development and commitment. A committee considers each application when selecting Fellowship candidates.

“I am honored to be recognized by AACVPR as a Fellow,” Stout said. “It has been rewarding to be able to impact the lives of those with heart disease and their families, and encourage them to make meaningful lifestyle changes that ultimately lead to a better quality of life.”

Mark Stout inside Cardiac Rehabilitation at Lexington Medical Center Irmo

Mark Stout inside Cardiac Rehabilitation at Lexington Medical Center Irmo

As supervisor at Lexington Medical Center’s cardiac rehabilitation program in Irmo, Mr. Stout’s primary goal is to help patients recover from cardiac incidents and teach them necessary lifestyle skills to prevent future incidents. That includes exercise, healthy nutrition, smoking cessation, stress management and relaxation training. Mr. Stout provides tools and support to ensure that the hospital’s patients have the best possible experience and that the program meets and exceeds national standards.

Statistics show that heart patients who participate in cardiac rehabilitation reduce their risk of mortality by up to 46 percent compared with non-participants. They also reduce their risk of suffering another cardiac incident.

Mr. Stout has worked in cardiac rehabilitation at Lexington Medical Center since 1993. With a master’s degree in exercise physiology, he has also served as vice-chair of AACVPR and will become chair in September.

In a letter to Mr. Stout announcing his acceptance as a Fellow, AACVPR stated, “Your service to AACVPR, to your profession and to your affiliate organization, as outlined on your application, sets you apart as a leader and outstanding professional in cardiopulmonary rehabilitation.”

Lexington Medical Center has operated a cardiac rehabilitation program for more than two decades at the hospital in West Columbia and at Lexington Medical Center’s community medical center in Lexington since 2002. This past spring, the hospital began offering cardiac rehabilitation in Irmo.

Cardiac rehabilitation is one component of Lexington Medical Center’s comprehensive cardiovascular care program. Affiliated with Duke Medicine, the hospital offers a full range of cardiac care including open heart surgery and therapeutic catheterizations. Lexington Medical Centre is the most experienced facility in the Midlands for transcatheter aortic valve replacement, known as TAVR. This state-of-the-art cardiac technology allows doctors to replace the aortic valve with a catheter instead of open heart surgery. Moreover, the hospital operates an electrophysiology program that treats abnormal heart rhythms and performs procedures that close holes in the heart.

Lexington Medical Center has received full chest pain accreditation with percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) from the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care (SCPC). To receive this accreditation, Lexington Medical Center demonstrated its ability to quickly assess, diagnose and treat patients who may be experiencing a heart attack. By becoming an accredited chest pain center, Lexington Medical Center has enhanced the quality of care for cardiac patients and has showed its commitment to the highest standards.

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LMC Names Tod Augsburger Next President & CEO

We are pleased to announce that Tod Augsburger will be the next President and CEO of Lexington Medical Center. Mr. Augsburger will succeed current President & CEO Mike Biediger upon Mr. Biediger’s retirement later this year. At its monthly meeting on Thursday, June 25, the Lexington Medical Center board of directors voted unanimously for Mr. Augsburger to fill this role.

Tod Augsburger

Tod Augsburger

Mr. Augsburger has extensive senior experience in health care leadership in the Midlands and around the country. As senior vice president and chief operating officer of Lexington Medical Center since November 1999, he has worked skillfully and successfully with many broad and diverse responsibilities across the health services district. Previously, Mr. Augsburger worked at the Ohio Health System in Columbus, Ohio as corporate vice president of integration, vice president of clinical ancillary services andvice president of operations.

“I’m honored to follow in the footsteps of Mike Biediger and continue the excellent work he has done to provide quality health services that meet the needs of our community,” Mr. Augsburger said. “I’m so proud to be able to work with the most talented and compassionate physicians and staff of any hospital system.”

Mr. Augsburger received a master’s degree in health services administration from the University of Michigan in 1989 and a Bachelor of Science in finance from Michigan State University in 1985. He is a Fellow with the American College of Healthcare Executives and received the “South Carolina Healthcare Executive of the Year” award in 2003 from the South Carolina Hospital Association and the American College of Healthcare Executives.

“Tod Augsburger has been serving in a leadership role at Lexington Medical Center for more than 15 years,” said Jan Burt, chair of the Lexington Medical Center board of directors. “His track record of success, breadth of experience and understanding of our hospital’s values are the reasons why the board voted unanimously to promote him to this new role.”

Mr. Augsburger will become the new President & CEO on October 1. Mr. Biediger will assist with the leadership transition through the end of the year.

“I am extremely happy with the decision to promote our colleague Tod Augsburger to the role of President & CEO of Lexington Medical Center,” Mr. Biediger said. “I look forward to this transitional period and the next chapter in the leadership of our hospital.”

In its 44-year history, Lexington Medical Center has only had four CEOs: George Rentz; Ken Shull; Mike Biediger; and now Tod Augsburger.

Mr. Augsburger is married with two children and lives in Lexington.

LMC Welcomes Students for Partners Program

Lexington Medical Center is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Partners Program, a summer internship inside the hospital for some of the best and brightest high school students in Lexington County.

The Partners Program introduces students to a career in health care. During a three-week session, students will rotate through three clinical areas in the mornings, participating in real world, career experiences by helping with bed making, checking vital signs, stocking supplies and general duties while being supervised by a mentor. In the afternoon, there are field trips to Lexington Medical Center Occupational Health, Lexington Medical Park Otarre Pointe, Midlands Technical College, Lexington Medical Center Extended Care, the University of South Carolina School of Nursing and Sleep Solutions.
Partners_large group
The first session was from June 8 – June 26. The second session is July 6 – July 24. A Partners Program graduation will take place on Friday, July 24 on the hospital campus.

At the end of the program, a rising senior from each Lexington County high school and one rising senior from home/private schools will be awarded a $1,000 book scholarship for their freshman year of college.

The Partners Program continues to be a popular program with Lexington County students and hospital staff. In fact, several hospital employees participated in the program when they attended high school.

Supported by the Lexington Medical Center Foundation, this year’s Partners Program received more than 100 applications. Applicants went through a rigorous interview process with a written application and an interview with a panel of hospital staff members.

Congratulations 2015 Partners Program Participants:

Nyaw Lay Say – Brookland-Cayce High School
Mary Margaret Schopp – Lexington High School
Adele Lillie Sinegar – Spring Hill High School
Carol Anne Stegura – Chapin High School
Teddy Tarekegne – Spring Hill High School
Reagan Lane Tedder – Spring Hill High School
Mezarean On’Raye Toland – Spring Hill High School
Evan Nicole Wise – Spring Hill High School
Alexander Taylor Wyatt – Dutch Fork High School
Amanda Elisabeth Zdunczyk – River Bluff High School
Sergei Olegovich Alexeev – Lexington High School
Hannah Nicole Bruno – Spring Hill High School
Katherine Cheyanne Call – Spring Hill High School
Erin Glenn Callaham – River Bluff High School
Shellie Grace David – Batesburg-Leesville High School
Jordan Elizabeth Dawsey – Spring Hill High School
Darien A. Dean – Dutch Fork High School
Hayden Amerson Derrick – Dutch Fork High School
Catherine Rose Dunlap – River Bluff High School
Jane Elizabeth Guerra – Lexington High School
Rena Kumari Haley – River Bluff High School
Logan Elizabeth Harris – River Bluff High School
Sydney Lauren Hughes – Lexington High School
Lauren Ashley Kinard – Lexington High School
Jordan Nicole Lang – Gray Collegiate Academy
Miranda Leigh Lesnieski – Spring Hill High School
Carrie Alicia Melton – Spring Hill High School
Emma Jane McInnes – Dutch Fork High School
Radha Paresh Patel – River Bluff High School
Priyanka Rao – Spring Valley High School
Ariana Sina Sarwary – River Bluff High School
Hannah Kathleen Shaffer – Spring Hill High School
Cemilia Bri’erre Shaw – Batesburg-Leesville High School
Kaybriana Maelyn Spalding – Lexington High School
Taylor S. Still – Lexington High School
Sydney Michelle Thompson – Spring Hill High School
Savannah Hope Warren – Gilbert High School
Abbi Jane Wright – Gilbert High School
Wesley James Benedict – River Bluff High School
Bonnie Alexis Brantley – Lexington High School
Hannah Faith Cooper – White Knoll High School
Maria Claire Cummings – Cardinal Newman
Karisha Pallav Desaie – Spring Hill High School
Celeste Isabella Disque – Spring Hill High School
John Carl Enright III – Lexington High School
Samantha Fuhr – Dutch Fork High School
Carleigh DeAnne Fulmer – Lexington High School
Dylan Michael Greeley – Lexington High School
Matthew James Heron – Dutch Fork High School
Sarah Emily Hudson – Dutch Fork High School
Iftikhar Saad – Dutch Fork High School
Emily Katherine Kibler – Chapin High School
Brooke Mason – Chapin High School
Brooke Mason Lee – Spring Hill High School
Meridith Ashley McCray – Lexington High School
Hillary Jordan Melton – Spring Hill High School
Ashley Jordan Metts Neinhius – River Bluff High School
Mary Elizabeth O’Cain – Gilbert High School
Alison Nicole Rider – River Bluff High School