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LMC Oncology Social Worker, Chris Gibson, featured in The State.

LMC’s Chris Gibson, oncology social worker, outpatient services at Lexington Medical Center is a source of strength to those in her well attended cancer support group. Read about Chris and her inspiring philosophy on career and life.

Chris Gibson

Photo via The State – Kim Foster-Tobin


LEXINGTON COUNTY, SC — It’s a Wednesday afternoon, and members of a cancer support group at Lexington Medical Center are gathered around a conference table talking about “chemo brain,” the mental fog patients often have after chemotherapy.

Suddenly one member quips he never had much of a brain to start with.

Everyone, including the cancer support group’s leader Chris Gibson, bursts into laughter.

It’s the kind of thing members say happens often at the meetings.

“I’ve been in here crying and I’ve been in here laughing,” says Jill Revis, who recently finished a round of chemotherapy to treat colon cancer.

The women say they wouldn’t have found each other had it not been for Gibson, a social worker in Lexington Medical’s oncology department who founded the group in 2003.

“Chris is the only reason I started coming to the meetings,” says Kathryn Ward, who has been in remission for more than five years. “I kept saying, ‘I don’t need support. I don’t need support.’ But then I realized, I did need support.”

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Photo via The State, Kim Foster-Tobin

Revive Your Resolution

Below is a link to a great story from Hannah Horne at WIS-TV about reviving your New Year’s Resolution to work out and get in shape! It features Health Directions, our hospital’s health and wellness facility.

WIS 02-20-2013 05.49.21 from Lexington Medical Center on Vimeo.

Bell’s Palsy

Dr. David Hammett, neurologist with the Columbia Medical Group, a Lexington Medical Center physician practice, is featured in this WIS report about Bell’s Palsy, a condition that causes paralysis of the face. WIS reporter Mary King shared her story of experiencing Bell’s Palsy.

BellsPalsy from Lexington Medical Center on Vimeo.