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From Chills to Fever, the FLU is Here!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is calling this year’s flu season an epidemic. Below is a report from WIS-TV this week with the latest information. LMC ER doctor Joseph Burkett was a guest to talk about what he’s seeing with the flu this year – and how you can still protect yourself and your family. Dr. Burkett is no stranger to the flu himself – he’s just getting over having it recently.

Flu Near You is a cool website that helps track flu cases in your area and also provides information from experts on the prevalence of the virus this year. You can join to add your symptoms and experience.

How to Help Someone Having a Seizure

November is Epilepsy Awareness Month. Dr. Jessica Floyd, neurologist with the Southeastern Neurology & Memory Clinic, was a guest on WACH-TV with news reporter Tyler Ryan to talk about what you should do if someone near you is having a seizure. Check out the link below.

One in 26 people will have a seizure in their lifetime. And, one in 100 people will be diagnosed with epilepsy. To learn more, visit

What is Epilepsy?

One in 100 people will be diagnosed with epilepsy in their lifetime. And, 1 in 26 people will suffer a seizure. November is Epilepsy Awareness Month. In the video below, Dr. Jessica Floyd of Southeastern Neurology & Memory Clinic talks about epilepsy in a TV news segment with WACH-TV news reporter Tyler Ryan.

November is Epilepsy Awareness Month. For more information, visit