Calling All Lexington Medical Center Babies!

Were you born at Lexington Medical Center? Were your children born there? If so, the hospital wants to see your baby photos!

Since opening in 1971, Lexington Medical Center has delivered more than 100,000 babies. In fact, the hospital delivers more babies each year than any other hospital in the Midlands and is consistently recognized as one of the best maternity hospitals in South Carolina.

Early next year, Lexington Medical Center will open a new, 545,000-square-foot patient care tower that’s the largest hospital expansion in South Carolina history. The tower will be the home of a new maternity unit and nursery. To celebrate Lexington Medical Center’s legacy of welcoming thousands of bundles of joy into the world, the hospital is collecting photos of babies born there throughout the years. The photos will be placed in a photo mosaic that will be revealed at the grand opening of the new tower.

The new Labor and Delivery unit will be an outstanding place for expectant families. It will have a dedicated area for patients who come to the hospital in labor or those who need temporary evaluation. The tower includes six antepartum rooms for patients who may need extensive long-term monitoring, a completely dedicated Mother/Baby unit for postpartum patients, a Level 2 Special Care Nursery and a Newborn Nursery.

A cornerstone will be the 20-bed Special Care Nursery. The hospital’s tiniest patients will have a private rooms, which is a new model of care for Lexington Medical Center. Research has shown that private rooms for special care infants provide more bonding opportunities for mothers and their babies, offer a safe environment for education, lead to better outcomes for babies’ growth and lower infection rates.

In addition to women and children’s services, six floors of Lexington Medical Center’s new patient car tower will accommodate medical, critical care and surgical patients, including eight new operating rooms.

Lexington Medical Center’s physician network includes nearly 40 OB/GYNs and certified nurse midwives who will deliver babies in the new patient care tower.

Patients can upload their photos of babies born at Lexington Medical Center by visiting The hospital requests newborn photos of children 12 months or younger.

Lexington Medical Center is getting ready to welcome thousands more babies in the future and looks forward to our community joining in the celebration.

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26 Responses to “Calling All Lexington Medical Center Babies!”

  1. Just curious both my children were born there. My daughter 6 weeks early 1990 and son 1992. Could I submit their photos as well?

  2. Hiya! I’m a little confused by the wording. Should the photos be of the babies soon after they were born or is it any picture so long as t they’re under 12 months?

  3. Hi, my daughter was born here 6 months ago And I’d love to submit a photo of her. How will we know if are child’s photo will be used ? Will everyone’s be used or only certain children chosen ? Will we be told before the opening ?

    • We plan to use all of the photos submitted. We don’t know yet where in the mosaic each of them will be. It depends on how the artist creates it.

  4. When is the cutoff for submitting pictures?

  5. Any news on what month it will open yet? I’m due in September and waited to get pregnant for this! Lol.

    • Hi! We expect to open at the end of March. Congratulations on your baby! We looking forward to welcoming the little one to the world at our hospital.

  6. Teresa Daye Roberts Reply January 19, 2019 at 4:21 pm

    Will you send us an e-mail to let us know you got the pictures?

    • Hi,

      Unfortunately, we can’t do that. But as long as you followed the upload process on the website, it will be collected into our database.

  7. Is it too late to submit a photo?

    • Unfortunately, yes. The deadline was January 31. We need to get the photos to the company making the mosaic so that it’s ready in time for our hospital opening in late March.

  8. What is the date for the opening ceremony that reveals the mosaic?

  9. What is the date for the opening ceremony to reveal the mosaic?

  10. Is there a way to find my photos in the mural?

    • Hi! You can come to the Main Entrance lobby at the hospital beginning Tuesday, March 26 to see the baby mosaic.

  11. Jennifer,
    I was wondering if there was anyway to tell where my children’s pictures were on the mosaic. Of course I am assuming they were used. Just curious.
    Michelle Lake RN 7th Medical

    • Hi Michelle,
      The mosaic is on display in the lobby of the Main Entrance of the hospital beginning today. You are welcome to come by and take a look! All photos submitted were added to the mosaic. 4,068 in total.

      • Thanks Jennifer, I’ve seen the Mosaic it is quite impressive. I was just wondering if you knew where my 2 were in the Mosaic. It would probably help if I remembered which pictures I submitted. Ha Ha.

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