Archive | July 11, 2017

Managing Main Campus Construction: Meet Scott Johnson

When it comes to Lexington Medical Center’s clinical expansion, Scott Johnson, construction project manager, is the man with the plan. He coordinates all construction-related activities that affect the hospital’s patients, staff and visitors for Lexington Medical Center’s clinical expansion. He regularly attends meetings with the design team and general contractor to monitor progress and check the quality of installed work. He also works with managers and directors in all hospital departments to ensure the new tower will meet the needs of staff and patients, and manages the consultants hired by LMC to assist the general contractor in specialized areas of work. 

Scott Johnson in front of Lexington Medical Center’s clinical expansion

“Every day is different. That’s part of what I love about my job,” said Scott. “Typical days include meeting with department managers to review their new space. I also look at installations onsite and collaborate on solutions to overcome field conditions. I meet with design team members to look at the next steps in the project to anticipate potential impacts to the hospital and prepare accordingly.”

Overseeing a hospital expansion isn’t a new role for Scott. After completing a two-year mission trip to Santiago, Chile, where he became fluent in Spanish, he graduated from Brigham Young University. He then went to work for a health care general contractor as a field superintendent. During this time, he traveled the country working on different hospital projects ranging in size from $7 million to $220 million. 

According to Scott, Lexington Medical Center’s expansion has all the tools to succeed – support from Administration and important input from physicians, nurses, engineering mechanics, housekeepers and technicians, among others.

“We assembled the architect, engineers and key contractors early so they could work together in the design process, which helps avoid many of the typical construction conflicts that arise in the field and cause costly delays.”

So far, Scott’s biggest challenges in the hospital’s expansion has been parking and traffic.

“Like any challenge, there is no quick fix to traffic and parking on our main campus. The solution requires a team of hard-working individuals with ongoing oversight. Several subcontractors are prefabricating parts of the building offsite, which reduces the number of workers and cars needed onsite. We are working with shipping companies to receive deliveries during off-peak hours to minimize traffic in the early morning and afternoons.” said Scott. “And we are all very excited for the new parking garage to open early next year with its 966 additional parking spaces.”

Scott is glad to work at Lexington Medical Center.

“My friends and family live in the Midlands. I grew up in Irmo and went to Dutch Fork Elementary and Dutch Fork High, and I always wanted to raise my family in this community. I’m grateful for the growth and perspective that my work around the country provided me because that experience helped me jump right in to assist LMC with the largest hospital expansion in South Carolina history.”