Archive | February 2, 2017

Our 2017 Heart Commercial

We’re pleased to present our 2017 heart commercial. It’s never too early to prevent heart disease. That’s the message of Lexington Medical Center’s 2017 heart commercial. It features scenes in the life of a man as he ages from 23 to 55 engaging in behavior that ultimately leads to a heart attack.

It’s the latest installment in a series of heart commercials produced in-house by Lexington Medical Center during the month of February, which is American Heart Month. The spot also continues the tradition of featuring a character who personifies a heart attack and narrates the story.


Lexington Medical Center is committed to educating our community about cardiovascular disease, which is responsible for one out of every three deaths in South Carolina. As the region’s only Duke Health-affiliated heart center, Lexington Medical Center is able to provide patients with quality cardiovascular care, and the most advanced treatments and protocols available in medicine.


Physician Lecture Series – Brandon C. Drafts, MD, FACC

Lexington Medical Center is pleased to present Brandon C. Drafts, MD, FACC from Lexington Cardiology for his lecture “Heart to Heart – What’s the Connection?”.


Physician Lecture Series – Jessica P. Floyd, MD

Lexington Medical Center is pleased to present Jessica P. Floyd, MD for her lecture “Heart to Heart – Together to End Stroke”.