Our 2016 Christmas Commercial

We’re pleased to present our 2016 Christmas commercial! Featuring a beautiful rendition of “Stand By Me,” the song brings comfort and hope to families of patients in the hospital. It embodies a core value of ours — we rise by lifting others. Look for the commercial during your favorite holiday programming this year. From our Lexington Medical Center family to yours, Merry Christmas.


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22 Responses to “Our 2016 Christmas Commercial”

  1. Beautiful commercial that does lift one’s spirit! Great job on another outstanding presentation LMC. Who is the male singer who starts out with “Stand By Me”? And who are the other two primary singers?
    Really beautiful voices.

  2. What an awesome Christmas meassage and all star performance. Truly says what is needed in the world today. Also a lovely image of integrity, caring and quality for LMC. I wish you all great success with God’s greatest blessings for you and every patient in your care. Thank you for standing up for what matters most, people. Merry Christmas. Eddie L

  3. Clayton that was beautifully done by the group.

  4. What a beautiful Christmas commercial as always! Musician is wonderful also. Thank you

  5. Claretha Staggers Perry Reply November 30, 2016 at 10:20 pm

    Outstanding Clayton Stephenson. Great performance by everyone.

  6. Absolutely Beautiful!!!! Merry Christmas and a big THANK YOU to all those that work through the holidays to provide medical care!

  7. Great uplifting Christmas commercial! Really brings my spirit up. This would be such a great world if we could all “Stand By Each Other!” Merry Christmas and God Bless.

  8. Love this commercial. Please tell us who the singers are.

  9. The guitarist and singer are excellent and the gray headed lady who harmonies is emmylou harris in disguise anyway -an excellent ad

  10. This is absolutely beautiful commercial the three singers were great are they are they local and most of these people in the commercial are they employees would appreciate a little history on it thank you

    • Hi Genie,

      Thank you for your kind words. The singers are professionals from varied backgrounds: Brad Hudson, Kay Roebuck and Clayton Stephenson.

      The rest of the people in the commercial are LMC employees – including clinicians, staff – and even our President & CEO, Tod Augsburger, who walks past the desk in a red vest toward the beginning.

      Merry Christmas!

  11. A beautiful rendition of a song loved by all.

  12. This is one of the best you have ever made – simple, inspiring, and very well done. Merry Christmas!!!

  13. Thanks Lexington Medical Center for your commitment to uplifting others, this commercial certainly does do that. Absolutely beautiful! Merry Christmas to you and your families.

  14. This is an awesome commercial! So well done!

  15. Who is the young man who plays the keyboard?

  16. I love this commercial. I stop what I am doing just to watch when it comes on. The musicians sang that song beautifully! Lexington medical has the best commercials.Great job and Happy Holidays!!!

  17. Great job on this ad! I love it! I’m working out of my hotel and monitor the media and every time this comes on I’m drawn in by the music and the message. Whoever put that together did a great job!

  18. Thanks for the kind words!! I pray everyone is well, God bless & Merry Christmas ❤️

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