Shall We Dance? Pink Glove Dancer Update

Five years ago, a group of women danced in Lexington Medical Center’s Pink Glove Dance because they had a tomorrow. They had survived breast cancer. In this blog series, read their stories and find out where they are today. In today’s post, Harriet Horton.

Harriet Horton
Lexington Medical Center Vice President

Doctors detected Harriet’s breast cancer through an annual mammogram.

harriet“If I had not been having annual mammograms, my cancer would never have been detected. The self-breast exam is important; however, I never felt anything, and neither did my physicians during my annual physical exams.”

Diagnosed with stage 2 lobular breast cancer in late January 2010 through Lexington Medical Center’s Five Day Detection to Diagnosis program, she participated in the hospital’s Pink Glove Dance only 12 months later.

harriet-horton029a“It felt like all my co-workers were behind me in what I and the other ladies had gone through. It truly made me realize there is life after being diagnosed with breast cancer.”

Harriet’s message for people facing cancer is one of hope.

“As I encounter newly diagnosed cancer patients (whether breast or otherwise), I feel the need to encourage them. I share my experience and tell them there is life after cancer and even during cancer.”

To watch Lexington Medical Center’s 2011 Pink Glove Dance video, click on this link for the hospital’s You Tube channel.

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