Archive | October 14, 2016

Shall We Dance? Pink Glove Dancer Update

Five years ago, a group of women danced in Lexington Medical Center’s Pink Glove Dance because they had a tomorrow. They had survived breast cancer. In this blog series, find out where they are today. Today, Andrea Schmitt.

Andrea Schmitt, Becky’s Place, Lexington Medical Center’s Cancer Boutique

After finding a lump during a self-breast exam, Andrea was diagnosed with triple negative ductal adenocarcinoma, stage II.

andrea“More breast cancers are found by women and men through self-exams. Combined with annual mammograms, if you do have a problem, you are more likely to find it early enough that current treatment protocols can be completely effective.”

As a 16-year breast cancer survivor, Andrea knows the importance of having a positive attitude from diagnosis through survivorship.

andrea-schmitt037b“A cancer diagnosis, especially breast cancer, is not a death sentence. With proper care and an upbeat attitude, it’s possible to beat cancer and enjoy everything that makes up a wonderful life. I try to enjoy every day, especially the little things.”

Her participation in Lexington Medical Center’s Pink Glove Dance was one of those things.

“It was an opportunity to interact and build friendships with other employees whom I might have never met, while spreading the message of breast cancer awareness.”