Archive | October 11, 2016

Shall We Dance? Pink Glove Dancer Update

Five years ago, a group of women danced in Lexington Medical Center’s Pink Glove Dance because they had a tomorrow. They had survived breast cancer. In this blog series, find out where they are today. Today, Lisa Phillips.

Lisa Phillips, Lexington Oncology Infusion Center
Lisa has been a breast cancer survivor since October 2009 when she was diagnosed with high grade, poorly differentiated, atypical invasive ductal carcinoma, stage IIA.

lisa“I completed chemotherapy and underwent a bilateral mastectomy in 2010. My treatment was a complete success, and there was absolutely no cancer at the time of surgery.”

Lisa discovered her cancer through a self-breast exam, but she also had a family history of breast cancer.

lisa-phillips050a“Within five years, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in both breasts, and mammograms detected her cancer both times. My great-grandmother and great aunt also had breast cancer. Self-breast exams and mammograms can save your life.”

In the five years since Lexington Medical Center’s first Pink Glove Dance, Lisa has used her experience battling cancer to better care for patients, encouraging them to believe in themselves.

“Look for joy in every day, and I believe it will change your perspective on your journey.”