Archive | January 5, 2016

New Rehabilitation Facility

Lexington Medical Center has opened a new 10,000 square foot rehabilitation center at the hospital’s Extended Care campus in Lexington to ensure the hospital’s rehabilitation programs match the best services available anywhere. Patients requiring in-patient therapy following a hospital stay can receive treatment at this state-of-the-art addition.

The center provides physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapy to patients recovering from a variety of conditions, illnesses and injuries including strokes, hip fractures, major joint replacements and general debilitation. Eighteen licensed therapists work full-time, in addition to other rehabilitation staff members providing restorative programs.

The hospital hosted a reception to mark the opening of the facility in December. Hospital and community leaders attended.

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“Treatments are tailored for each individual,” said Wayne Stowe, Lexington Medical Center’s Vice President for Extended Care. “The goal is to restore patients to their highest level of function so they can resume their previous activities.”

New functional areas such as an “Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Apartment” and equipment like the “car transfer simulator” have been incorporated to provide the best treatment possible. The “ADL Apartment” includes a kitchen, dining area, bedroom, bathroom, and laundry room. It allows occupational therapists to teach patients in a realistic home environment. The “car transfer simulator” allows instruction on how to get in and out of a car safely while also training family members on how to safely assist patients. An outside garden has been transformed for rehabilitation, too. It has different walking surfaces such as brick, concrete, sand and grass so that patients can be prepared for the different environments they will encounter when returning home.

“We are always striving to improve services and the new center will allow us to enhance our ability to meet the needs of our community,” Stowe said.

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