Archive | October 23, 2015

Physician Lecture Series – Neal W. Burkhalter, MD

Lexington Medical Center is pleased to present Neal W. Burkhalter, MD from Lexington ENT for his lecture “Nose Woes”.


Ask the Expert: Breastfeeding Myths

Teaching new moms how to breastfeed is important work on Lexington Medical Center‘s Mother/Baby floor. A dedicated team of lactation consultants work with new mothers and their babies every day.

Ginny Scheele, RN, BSN, IBCLC, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant at Lexington Medical Center, was a guest on WLTX this week to talk about some common breastfeeding myths. She talked with mom-to-be Ashley Izbicki about the benefits of nursing her soon-to-arrive baby boy. And, from staying away from spicy foods to feeding every two hours, she debunks the old wives’ tales. Watch below.

Our lactation consultants also know that breastfeeding has many benefits for mothers. Nursing a baby can lower a woman’s risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer. It can also keep bones strong, preventing osteoporosis later in life.